Art Expressions By James

About the Artist

James is a self-taught artist. Born in 1954 in Cincinnati, Ohio James took to art as soon as he was able to hold a crayon. Throughout his childhood, James developed an appreciation for his majestic surroundings. James spent hours in a day drawing whatever he saw while sitting on the front porch of his house. Years of artistic expression made it clear that James' life would be centered upon his passion for art. After high school, James joined the Navy. Being stationed on a ship, gave him time to illustrate his expressions through drawing. Due to an injury while serving, James was medically discharged. However, he didn't allow his disability to affect his passion for art. Today, James is an abstract artist full-time. Because of his enthusiasm for art, James dedicates majority of his day in his art studio. He lives in Los Angeles with his lovely wife Darlene, of 29 years. He is a proud father of three daughters, one son, and seven grandchildren.

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